A Japanese Cultural Experience Event "Yumenoya presents Beautiful Japan in 4 Seasonal Packages" produced by Yumenoya Entertainment Inc. will be held at Narita International Airport!
As the first project, We will hold a 10-day event with the theme of "spring". Please do not hesitate to come visit us!

「Beautiful Springtime in Japan〜Parade of Geisha and Tea ceremony experience〜」
Kawaii Oiran (Geisha) Night on TV
"Kawaii Oiran (Geisha) Night" hold at Kawaii Monster Café Harajuku every Tuesday night will appear on the TV show "Sekai ga Odoroita Nippon(The world was surprised by Nippon! Sugo ~ idesune !! Shisatsudan" by TV Asahi tonight.
This program is a global information variety program that discovers the wonderful place of Nippon which sometimes, the Japanese do not even know, through the eyes of the foreigners. In which, professional traveler selected the tour by foreign tourist 's mind in the corner
Appeared on Chapman To’s Late Show
Hong Kong's popular actor "Chapman To" and An announcer and a singer "Keiko Bansai" came to Yumenoya for the interview the JAPAN CULTURE EXPERIENCE TOURS "SAMURAI EXPERIENCE" in the popular program "Chapman To's Late Show".

which is one of the Japanese culture experiences of Yumenoya.
This situation was broadcast on April 6 at "Chapman To's Late Show".

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STAR WARS ™ collaboration project
SAMURAI EXPERIENCE was posted as a collaboration article with STAR WARS ™ / Jedi · Challenge on "Moshi Moshi Nippon" official news site.
Celebration of Hokkoku Art Prize
Celebration was held to celebrate that Mariko Takafuji (the head master of Takafuji dance company) prized Hokkoku Art Prize.
We are selected as the japanese experiences contents into OMOTENASHI Selection SMART BOX. It's the collection of contents for japanese omotenashi experiences.
Omosan STREET Visitor's Guide
"Moshi moshi kimono salon produced by yumenoya" and "Ramen experience tokyo" were published within Omosan STREET Visitor's Guide.
Appeared on "Hirukyun!" by TOKYO MX
Samurai Workout was interviewed by TV program "Hirukyun!" produced by TOKYO MX.
Published in the "Tokyo Weekender"
"JAPAN CULTURE EXPERIENCE TOURS YUMENOYA" were published in the "Tokyo Weekender" as Yumenoya's contents.
Lion dance in Narita airport
As New Year's special project, New year icon "Shishimai" prayed for safety and health of customers, and went round the terminal. In response to customer's requests, we have implemented a chewing head biting and memorial shoot. Ukon Takafuji and Mario Takafuji playing luxurious lions appeared, and the New Year of Narita International
Countdown event of Kagaya
We appeared Countdown & New Year Performance "Kaga Hyakumangoku Oiran Parade / Kaga Hyakumangoku Renjishi" at Kagaya hetel.
Countdown event with famous artists
We appeared Countdown & New Year Performance with famous singer & artists at Ishikawa public
music hole.
Appeared on COOL JAPAN TV AWARD 2017
Producer of Yumenoya UKON TAKAFUJI appeared and produced the performance of the opening of the social entertainment festival "COOL JAPAN TV AWARD 2017" held in Taiwan on December 18th.
special envoy of Ishikawa Tourism
Ukon Takafuji had been Inaugurated as 'special envoy of Ishikawa Tourism'
We will dispatch information of charm and sightseeing information of Ishikawa Prefecture to outside the prefecture.
Choreograph a dance of "Tokyo Bon"
Ukon takafuji had choreograph a Bon dance of "Tokyo Bon / Tokyo Bon Dance 2020 (Namewee × Meu Ninomiya)”.
"SHIBUYA SAMURAI FESTIVAL 2017" which is a contest of creative sword dance company Tachibana Ittoryu was held.
Ukon Takafuji had show off new performances.
Appeared in  "COOL JAPAN TV"
Ukon Takafuji appeared in "COOL JAPAN TV" . This TV program is an Japan information program for the Greater China area. It is "smart TV station" on the 17 TV within 17 live which is boasting a total download number of 40 million and Asia No.1 live media.
Received the North area Art Award
Our companyes adviser, Mariko Takafuji who is the founder of Takafuji Dance company(Yumenoya) was awarded the 50th North Arts Award.
the starring of "Mori no Nigiwai"
Ukon Takafuji and Sakon Takafuji served as the starring "Mori no Nigiwai" that is biggest show stage of japanese Matsuri held in Tokyo Big Sight. 【Beyond 2020 Program Certification Project】
We are picked up to famous TV show
Thank you for your waching ! We was picked up to very famous TV named "King's Brunch".
"TEMPURA KIDZ" came to our shop
The dance unit TEMPURA KIDZ came to moshi moshi kimono salon!!!
YURI SUGANNUMA come to our shop
The model is called " Yuri Suganuma" came to moshi moshi kimono salon.
Pikarin & Saki Shibata come to shop!
They're who are models expand the fashion and Harajuku culture by original world view by a theirself.
Interview by Philippines TV show!!
This store will appear on a Philippine high-rated program! it's in a Philippine super-famous program.
We offered costumes for Exhibition
We offered Costume Super Ukiyoe "The Secret of Edo" Exhibition!
Kanami Takasaki came to our shop!!!
The model Kanami Takasaki had been to our shop! She had try to wear Princess kimono style. She is verrrry cute!
We appear to "Morning Charge!"
It was featured on TV Tokyo "Morning Charge!"
The SASARU performer came to shop
Do you know him named Kozee??
He appeared on Google CM. Hi is also famous as dancer.
The SASARU performer came to shop
Do you know him named Kozee??
He appeared on Google CM. Hi is also famous as dancer.
"Tezuma-shi"Alice Came to the store
Do you know Tezuma?
Tazuma is Japanese traditional magic.
She is one of traditional tezuma player.
Interview by Philippines TV show!!
Philippine super-famous performing artist bean jam and Ms. Curtis come to the store! Ms Anne curtis who does personality anda model campaign in the Philippines comes to the store!
We provide KIMONO for exvision
Digital UKIYOE Exhibision has been started on january 28th fof May 21ht . We rent kimono for opening event.
TEMPURA KIDZ visit our shop
Greate dance unit TEMPURA KIDZ visit us!
Their costumes atomosphere have matched with our shop.
Moga Mogami [Denpagumi Inc.] visited
For taking intarvew TBS「King's Blunch」
, The famous idol "Moga mogami" is Dempagumi .inc, Yuji Ayabe [comedian] , Barbie [comedian] came to our shop.
Tanioku Ema and Eri came to the stor
They're a twins model. In addition, they are sightseeing ambassador in Harajuku.
It was taken up by Befirst TV!
The Taiwanese DJ's reported our survices, and a kimono of Decola was experienced!
It was taken up by Befirst TV!
The Taiwanese DJ's reported our survices, and a kimono of Decola was experienced!
Anna Yano came to our shop!
The famous model and singer called Anna Yano come to our shop and enjoy our survices.
She choosed Decora style kimono.
Haruka Kurebayashi visited our shop
The iconiq girl of decora Haruka Kurebayashi came to expeerience our kimono.


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We offered costumes for Exhibition

We offered Costume Super Ukiyoe "The Secret of Edo" Exhibition!